Corwin (realcorwin) wrote,

И вот уже трещат морозы... :)

Frost's crackling, too, but still she's cozy
Amidst the fields' light silv'ry dust...
(You'ra all supposing I'll write  rosy",
As Pushkin did - and so I must!)
Slick as a dance parquet swept nicely
The brooklet glints and glistens icely.
A joyous band of skate-shod boys
Cuts graceful ruts to rowdy noise.
A clumsy goos, by contrast, wishing
To swim upon the glassy sheet.
Lands stumbling on its red webbed feet,
And slips and tumbles. Swirling, swishing,
Gay twinkling stars - the snow's first try -
Bedaub the creekside ere they die.

Из предисловия Дагласа Хофштадтера к русскому изданию его книги "Гёдель. Эшер. Бах."
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